What Are The Things We Provide Support For?

We offer tech support for a vast range of services. Here’s a quick look at them.


System set up and updates

We help with set up and installation of your system and keeping it up to date with all kinds of software services such as Multimedia, MS Office, Anti-Virus, Peripherals, and much more.

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System optimization

Slow pace is just one of the many symptoms of a poorly maintained System. We help you to setup, optimize, boost, and make the most out our PC, Mac and other devices.

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Internet related services

Email Configuration, connectivity, cyber security, cloud backup, and the list goes. Our experts can help you out with all of these and Internet-related service that you might face.

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Data protection and security

The most talked about cyber security threat is Ransomware. It steals and locks your data and demands a ransom to unlock your files. We help you prevent such attempts at data theft and loss.

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Malware removal

Virus and Malware are pesky problems. You might be infected with any of them if they manage to exploit vulnerabilities in antivirus software. We are here to help you out!

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What Devices Do We Provide Support For?

Windows, Mac, Android Phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets


At The Phone Support, you can believe in us being there for you 24/7. And that’s a genuine promise!

How Do We Provide You Support?

There are several ways in which you can avail of our tech support services. Below is a clear and crisp explanation of the options that you have to suit your needs.


System health checkup

We help you assess your System’s performance with free System health checkups and diagnosis.


Remote sessions

We use authentic and trusted Remote Login tools such as LogMeIn to troubleshoot.


Convenient support plans

Our tech experts help you choose Support Plans to keep your System updated without fail.



Give us call and we’ll help you with fixing your system on your own. Nothing beats DIY!


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